Irizar Showcases Its i6S Efficient And i4 CNG During Autocar Expo

Irizar attended the recent Autocar Expo fair, in Lyon, France, showcasing its two latest generation vehicles: the new Irizar i6S Efficient and the Irizar i4 CNG on a Scania chassis.

“After two difficult pandemic years, Irizar is coming with the clear goal of tackling the new challenges of the future of mobility, and with the invariable goal of responding to the challenges of efficiency and sustainability that these times require,” according to a press release. “Proof of that is our complete range of products that includes all the technologies present on the market: Zero-emissions electric buses, and diesel, biofuel, natural gas (CNG and LNG), hybrid and biofuel coaches.

According to Irizar, with the new i6S, consumption and emissions have been reduced up to 13 percent, weight is down to 950 kg and the aerodynamic coefficient is 30 percent lower.

“That makes it a latest generation vehicle designed to provide maximum efficiency to operators, the best experience to passengers and a strong focus on sustainability,” according to Irizar

Excellent aerodynamic performance is the key to this new generation of coaches. Part of the front and roof of the i6S Efficient has been modified. The curvature of the windscreen and the other front windows have also been reworked to reduce air resistance.

Furthermore, the Irizar i6S Efficient provides the option to replace the rear view mirrors with digital vision cameras with the two-fold goal of providing wide-angle vision in any weather conditions. These modifications provide improvements in the driver’s direct and indirect field of vision.

Another major challenge was reducing weight. The weight of every component was analyzed and reduced. And the weight of the vehicle has been redistributed, with the goal of improving weight distribution. Also, high strength steel and lighter composite materials were used instead of traditional structural materials.

“Thanks to those innovations, we’ve been able to increase the space for passengers to improve ergonomics and comfort. We’ve also reduced noise and vibrations to a minimum. The cockpit has likewise been redesigned to be more comfortable and ergonomic, and have a larger field of vision,” Irizar said. “The new line of Hispacold climate control devices is more compact, efficient and lighter. That lets us make the travelling experience in this new Irizar as comfortable as possible.”

The i6s Efficient is also connected, safe and designed for the sustainable transport of the future. It has a new multiplexed architecture, and communications protocol can provide self-diagnosis services in real time. Irizar technology makes preventive maintenance and online monitoring for remote diagnostics possible.

Irizar i4 CNG

The Irizar i4 is a versatile vehicle and a perfect intercity coach for school, company transport or discretionary use. The different versions of this vehicle (H, M, L) strike a perfect balance between accessibility and luggage compartment capacity, depending on the needs of each operator, according to Irizar. The floors, which can be flat or lowered, and the unobstructed aisles underline the concept of adaptability. In addition, the vehicle is presented in lengths from 10.8 m to 15 m.

“The new generation of the Irizar i4 coach, presented two years ago, incorporates new and important features mainly centered around significant weight reduction and optimal load distribution over the axles. The result is a lightened vehicle with a weight reduction of up to 955 kg, depending on the configuration chosen.

“Furthermore, the environmental benefits provided by coaches with natural gas (CNG and LNG) reduce CO2 emissions by between 20 and 25 percent, NOx by up to 60 percent and particle emissions by over 98 percent. In addition to higher thermal performance than diesel, vibrations and noise emissions are also minimized by between 4-5 dB. In relation to operating cost, it is estimated that the reduction may be as high as 35 percent, depending on the differential between the cost of gas and diesel.”

The vehicles have a range of up to 500 km in the CNG version, and twice as long using the LNG technology.

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