ABC Companies Highlights Charging Infrastructure Challenges In New Video

As the United States continues its ambitious journey toward reducing emissions and combating climate change, the motorcoach industry stands out as a beacon of hope. These modern vehicles not only remove emissions equivalent up to 81 cars per trip, but also contribute to reducing road congestion. However, while motorcoaches have historically been at the forefront of emission reduction efforts, they now face a significant obstacle: inadequate public charging infrastructure.

“In recent years, some motorcoach operators have taken a giant leap toward zero emissions, adopting cutting-edge electric vehicles. These electric motorcoaches represent some of the largest electric vehicles on the road today, surpassing many other commercial industries in the release of zero-emission vehicles. Leading the charge in this transition is ABC Companies, the largest motorcoach dealer and distributor in the United States. ABC has embraced electric mobility by transitioning nearly 20% of its total sales to the 100% electric Van Hool CX45E 45-foot touring motorcoach and the Van Hool TDX25E, a 45-foot double-deck motorcoach,” according to an ABC Companies press release. “These vehicles, capable of silently, efficiently, and reliably transport up to 75 passengers have successfully delivered on the promise of zero emissions in local and regional applications for hundreds of thousands of miles.”

However, the success of these electric motorcoaches, capable of traveling over 250 miles between charges, is strongly linked to customers purchasing the electric vehicles and investing in dedicated charging facilities. During the recent “Charge On America” tour organized by ABC Companies, a Van Hool TDX25E covered over 2,900 miles while traveling from California to Florida using publicly available charging networks.

“The tour shed light on a significant challenge that ABC Companies consistently faces when moving electric buses across the country — the public charging infrastructure does not cater to the needs of medium or heavy-duty vehicles. This limitation restricts the growth of zero-emission vehicles, relegating them to depot-based charging,” the release added.

“As we witness the remarkable transition of the motorcoach industry integration of electric vehicles, we must ensure that our charging infrastructure keeps pace,” ABC Companies CEO Roman Cornell said. “The success of zero-emission motorcoaches is inextricably linked to the availability of suitable charging facilities. We urge stakeholders and policymakers at the state and national level to consider the needs of medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles in the design and appropriation of the $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. By doing so, we can accelerate the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions and make a lasting impact on emissions reduction and road congestion.”

To illustrate the extent of this issue, ABC Companies has released a two-minute video summarizing 13 days of charging experiences during the tour.

“The findings are eye-opening and emphasize the critical need for an inclusive approach to public charging infrastructure that considers the unique requirements of medium and heavy-duty vehicles. ABC Companies is sharing this video with the broader public to raise awareness and educate stakeholders about the challenges faced by the motorcoach industry due to inadequate charging infrastructure,” the release said. “The company urges policymakers, regulators, and industry leaders to include the development of robust public charging networks that can accommodate medium and heavy-duty vehicles, allowing electric motorcoaches to grow beyond depot charging applications.”

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