Busworld Is Coming To North America For The First Time

Scheduled For February 4-7

In Detroit, MI

Busworld will take place in North America for the first time in its long history. The event is scheduled for February 4-7, 2023, at Huntington Place, in downtown Detroit, MI.

The long history of Busworld organizing trade shows for the bus and motorcoach industry — and later accompanied by conferences — dates to 1971. Recognizing the fact that buses and motorcoaches needed a trade show of their own, Busworld organized its first event in Kortrijk, Belgium, 51 years ago.

“Buses and motorcoaches no longer had to play the third fiddle in the commercial vehicle industry, versus trucks and vans, or in the public transport world. They now had the leading role,” according to a Busworld press release. “Year after year, this idea proved to be right, and the importance of the event kept growing.

“Today, Busworld not only organizes the biggest bus and motorcoach exhibition in the world in Brussels, the event is also exported to other regions and countries. That includes Turkey, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Central Asia and last — but not least — North America.”

Reuniting All Bus And Motorcoach Professionals

In partnership with ABA (the American Bus Association), the North American Busworld trade show is to take place February 4-6, while the conference is scheduled for February 5-7.

“Busworld is an event that brings together the whole bus industry, including transit buses, school buses, motorcoaches and other types of buses,” according to Busworld. “All of those sectors involve passenger transportation on the road. Therefore, a lot of synergies can be found by reaching out and working together.

“The growing list of exhibitors will include ABC Companies, MCI, MobilityTRANS, Daimler Coaches, BYD, Prevost, TEMSA, Marcopolo, Pegasus Specialty and National Bus Sales. Suppliers of drivetrains, charging systems, IT systems, glazing, fire suppression equipment, solar panels and many other products will also be included.”

The Busworld conference program, in partnership with the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), and Endava, will involve such relevant topics as zero emission vehicles, connectivity, insurance, charging systems, hydrogen technology, ticketing, and lessons learned from aviation.

“Visiting the Busworld trade show, and participating in the conference, is free of charge. Tickets are available on the website,” according to Busworld.

Vincent Dewaele, CEO of Busworld International, invites the North American bus and motorcoach industry to become part of the Busworld family: “Let’s have a wonderful event together with the whole sector! Let’s experience the latest products, exchange information and network. The Busworld team is more than ready to welcome you, and all of your colleagues.”

Visit busworldnorthamerica.org for further information.



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