DDS Wireless Unveils Fleet Routing & Scheduling Optimization Product

DDS Wireless has announced the release of the beta version of its Routing and Scheduling Optimization SaaS product. This technology is designed to revolutionize the transportation and logistics sectors.

“DDS’s routing and scheduling optimization solution leverages advanced algorithms, and real-time and historical traffic to provide the most efficient fleet routing and scheduling solution available on the market,” according to a press release. “It optimizes routes to maximize efficiency and reduce travel time and costs, enhancing logistics management operations. It excels in processing while considering multiple operational constraints like capacity, time windows, and vehicle availability.

“Scalable for small and large businesses, it handles thousands of stops in a single optimized, lightning-fast process. The solution reduces dead miles, consolidates fleet size and resources, increases the number of deliveries and trips, and effectively meets diverse business needs.”

“We have worked long and hard and are ready to introduce our innovative and revolutionary solution to the market,” DDS Wireless VP of Sales Jason Piippo said. “We know our solution will empower transportation businesses to achieve new levels of operational efficiency, improved route optimization, and better customer satisfaction.”

According to DDS Wireless, the product will offer tailored solutions for diverse industries:

  • Passenger Transportation: Ensuring timely and efficient trip scheduling for passengers, enhancing overall service quality for transit services.
  • Logistics: Develop cost-effective routes from consolidation centers to warehouses and delivery hubs.
  • Last-mile delivery: Optimize precise delivery routes from stores and warehouses directly to customers’ residences.
  • Home and Field Services: Create practical routes for field agents to complete tasks aligned with their skills and designated territories.
  • Fleet Management: Address routing challenges across last-mile delivery, retail, and field services.
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport: Maximize efficiency by optimizing routes between patient locations and medical facilities, minimizing travel time and costs.
  • Waste Collection: Produce optimized assignment and routing sequences considering shift timings, vehicle capacity, traffic patterns, and restricted zones.

“The flexible solution supports multiple optimization strategies, such as minimizing total travel time, reducing the number of vehicles, and balancing workload among employees,” the release added. “It is designed for easy integration and rapid setup. Businesses can easily obtain a trial key, test the product, and adapt it to their specific needs. DDS Wireless plans to make the solution available for commercial use by October 2024.”

Learn more and join the DDS customer beta waitlist here.

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