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Products: CR SAFGUARD® XL Fire-Resistant Seat Cushioning meets the stringent fire performance criteria within FTA Docket 90-A. The cushioning eliminates viable combustion within the largest interior fuel source. In bus interiors, the key combustible components are seating materials, and the federal regulation FMVSS 302 for seat cushioning and covers are grossly insufficient and outdated for fire safety. FMVSS 302 permits the use of polyurethane (urethane) cushioning that is so flammable the nomenclature “solidified gasoline” is often used to describe it. When exposed to even minor ignition sources, polyurethane cushioning will ignite easily, burn profusely, melt, drip and rapidly ignite the surrounding materials, while emitting large volumes of toxic smoke. The rapid spread of flames poses a serious danger to ridership, particularly, those with mobility challenges. CR SAFGUARD® XL fire-resistant cushioning is available to all seating manufacturers for O.E.M. vehicles. In addition to safety, CR SAFGUARD® XL offers major advancements in seat cushioning durability and comfort. Any vehicle seating specification can easily add CR SAFGUARD® XL. Condensed specification verbiage is available upon request.

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