Diamond Manufacturing Inc.

2330 Burlington St.
N. Kansas City, MO 64116 USA

Products: Diamond Manufacturing offers a line of fare collection equipment to the transit industry. It supplies traditional, manual fare boxes, donation boxes and a fare box with a remote fare dump option. Diamond’s traditional fare boxes are the round units (Models H, E-5, D), which are designed to accept coins, tokens and tickets; and, rectangular units (Models RV, SV, XV, NV), which are designed to accept dollar bills, coins, tokens, tickets, passes and similar fare media. Donation boxes come in three sizes to fit most applications. These units can be mounted in a variety of ways: on the modesty panel or stanchion pole in either a vertical or horizontal position. Models F-1 and F-24 remote dump fare boxes can be mounted away from the driver with a push button dump feature. These models can be paired with smart card readers.

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