Freedman Seating

4545 W. Augusta Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60651 USA

Products: For over 125 years, Freedman Seating has been engineering and manufacturing seats and seating-related products for many different applications. Its product lines include bus, rail, marine, delivery truck, specialty and commercial vehicle seating. Consistent growth and expansion have earned Freedman Seating recognition as a leading manufacturer of transportation seating solutions. Manufacturing seats for buses, Freedman Seating supplies the major OEMs, over 250 bus distributors, the federal government, and many states and municipalities. The family of Freedman Seating bus seats includes products for small and mid-sized coaches, paratransit vans and buses, public transit buses, and private bus operators. Recently, Freedman Seating introduced SeatLink™, a seat information tracking system powered by InterMotive Vehicle Controls, a leading manufacturer of electronic control systems. As federal and local regulations continue to advance transportation safety initiatives, including 3-point seat belt usage,  SeatLink™ offers a practical extension to just offering seat belts. The system displays and tracks the occupancy and belt status of passenger seats and provides visual warnings for the driver. The system will trigger an alert if an occupant sits but does not buckle or buckles before sitting. The system also records and stores data that can be retrieved in case of an event. SeatLink™ can be expanded to work in vehicles with up to 90 passengers. It can also be battery powered, making the system retrofittable on older vehicles. Installation is simple with plug and play connections. A downloadable app lets the user custom configure the seating layout on the head unit. SeatLink™ is now available for purchase and can be integrated into most commercial and school buses. For further details, contact Freedman Seating Company at 800-443-4540.

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