Heliox Energy

Heliox Energy
165 Ottley Drive NE, Suite 205
Atlanta, GA 30324

Heliox offers high-quality, heavy-duty DC fast EV charging and smart energy management solutions that are customized and adaptable to the rapidly evolving e-mobility industry. Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable world where a seamless charging experience is accessible to all. Established in 2009, Heliox is a leading provider of fast charging systems for public transportation, e-trucks, marine vessels, mining operations, and port equipment.

In 2017, Heliox established one of the first and largest rapid charging networks for e-bus fleets in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. To expand its reach, Heliox opened a US office in Atlanta, GA in 2021, and later expanded further with the Heliox Technology Center, an 18,000 square foot facility, in 2022. The Heliox USA team is responsible for various functions including management, financial and commercial services, sales and business development, project management, technical service and O&M, product development, and technical training.

All Heliox chargers listed by UL are manufactured in Minneapolis and meet the requirements of the Buy America Act (BAA).


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