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Products: RUD RotoGrip Automatic Snow Chains provide traction on snow and ice and were designed for vehicles that must be able to travel during hazardous weather conditions. RotoGrip is used for a variety of applications: rescue and emergency vehicles, fire services, public transport vehicles, road haulage, supply and distribution vehicles, and more. There are three unique RotoGrip systems to choose from based on needs: Classic, Compact Solution, and Light Truck. The Compact Solution has been developed for vehicles with limited mounting space (pneumatic suspension, low tires) and features an air up, air down system with no spring. The Classic is a tried-and-true system that works on light to heavy commercial vehicles and features an air down, spring up system. The Light Truck is designed for light-duty vehicles with or without an on-board air system. It features a space saving design and a powerful electrical linear drive. All three systems are known for their excellent quality of materials and construction and are all easy to mount. All systems can be switched on or off while the vehicle is in motion, and are affective at low speeds or up to 30 mph. RotoGrip is here to provide superior traction and increased safety. Visit the company’s website for additional information.

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