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Launching the New Standard in Single-Gas Detection

With 70% of organizations using digital transformation to improve efficiency, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is reaching into all operations - including safety. The reality is, traditional throwaway, beep-and-flash personal gas detectors just don't measure up to best practices anymore. Yet many organizations still need an efficient and hassle-free way to manage compliance and respond to incidents without breaking their budget.

This was the driver behind Blackline's Safety's innovative, all new connected G6 single-gas detector.

The challenge was how to bring the increased safety and operational performance of connected safety to applications where workers typically use disposable detectors that last a couple of years. The key was to create a cost-effective solution that balanced connectivity with battery life.

The answer was to have G6 send data to the cloud every 24 hours instead of being connected in real-time, enabling a one-year battery life. However, if an alarm is triggered, G6 instantly connects to notify personnel and send alarm data, so a fast and informed response can get underway.

G6 devices not only make it easier to keep your workers safe, but analytic reports simplify compliance management saving you time.

Fast Incident Response - Knowing where your workers are the moment an alarm is triggered or an incident occurs is key to launching quick and informed action to better protect your people.

Unmatched Device Life - One-year rechargeable battery life and four-year lifespan with automatic, over-the-air updates so devices always have the latest features.

Trustworthy Data and Insights - Combining accurate usage, location and gas detection information gives you proactive insights to improve worker safety and compliance-helping you drive to zero incidents.

Low Cost of Ownership -Fewer lost devices, reduced false alarms, longer-lasting devices and less IT burden drives down cost of ownership by simplifying your device fleet management and increasing operational efficiency.

To find out more, visit: https://www.blacklinesafety.com/solutions/personal-gas-detection/g6-single-gas