ABC Companies Introduces Fleet Refurbishment Program During Recent APTA Expo

ABC Companies, a supplier in the transportation industry, introduced its Fleet Refurbishment Program during the APTA Expo 2023, which took place October 9-11, in Orlando.

“This groundbreaking solution promises to add years of useful life to your in-service fleet, while offering a budget-friendly and timely alternative to complete vehicle replacements,” according to a press release. “As a trusted partner in the transportation sector, ABC Companies understands the importance of keeping your fleet up-to-date, ensuring operations run at peak performance, and maintaining the highest safety standards. ABC Companies offers a comprehensive and customizable program that now extends from motorcoaches and transit low-floor buses to cutaway shuttles, ensuring the continuous operation of fleets while allowing for technology and appearance upgrades.”

Key highlights of ABC Companies’ Fleet Refurbishment Program include:

  1. Multi-Point Mechanical Inspections: Highly experienced technicians perform thorough mechanical inspections to identify and address any issues, ensuring your fleet runs smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Comprehensive Mechanical, Safety, Body, and Passenger Amenities Options: Choose from a wide range of options to tailor your fleet upgrade to your specific needs — whether it’s mechanical enhancements, safety features, body improvements, or passenger amenities.
  3. Performed by ABC Fleet Refurbishment Specialists: Rest easy knowing that your fleet upgrades are in the hands of ABC Fleet Refurbishment Specialists, with years of experience and expertise.
  4. Enhance Your Fleet’s Appeal: With the range of choices on hand, your fleet will not only achieve optimal performance but also garner notice through its refreshed appearance and enhanced amenities.

“ABC Companies’ Fleet Refurbishment Program can keep your fleet up-to-date and on the road longer,” Dan Rodgers, vice president of National Service Operations at ABC Companies, said. “We understand the challenges faced by fleet operators, from budgets to new vehicle availability, and our program is designed to provide a cost-effective solution that adds years of life to your fleet.”

For more information, contact ABC Companies at 800-222-2871 or visit

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